Forum for Interdisciplinary Research Methods


Membership of FIRM

Anyone who is interested in the aims and objectives of the Association is welcome to become a member.A person making a Membership application becomes a Member after he/she is so admitted by the Forum.

Membership Dues: Patron: INR 50000.00 (India); US$ 2000.00 (Outside India)
Institutional Member: INR 10000.00 (India); USD 500.00 (Outside India)
Life Member: INR 2000.00 (India); US$100.00 (Outside India)

Important Notes: Please send this completed application along with your membership dues by a Banker cheque/Demand in the name ”Forum for Interdisciplinary Research Methods (FIRM)" to registered office

Account Name: Forum for Interdisciplinary Research Methods (FIRM)
Account Number: 442810110012107
IFSC Code: BKID0004428
Bank Name: Bank of India
Branch: Boring Road, Patna

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