Forum for Interdisciplinary Research Methods

Aims & Objectives

Forum for Interdisciplinary Research Methods (FIRM) is an association of academicians, researchers, educationalists, research scholars and professionals. Its main objectives are:

» to promote research, education and application of Research Methods throughout the world with a special emphasis on the Indian subcontinent

» to foster the exchange of ideas, wisdoms, knowledge and scholarly research activities between various countries as well as among other national/international organizations for the development of Research Methods

» to serve the needs of young researchers of various disciplines through workshops and Faculty Development Programme on Research Methods and software like SPSS, Stata, E-Views, ExceL, AMOS, R Software, Gretel etc.

» to organize national and international conferences on the theme theoretical and applied research focus on interdisciplinary research approach

» to publish a quality journal on the issues of theoretical as well as interdisciplinary research

» to award and motivate the scholars for the development of research approach throughout the world with special emphasis on the Indian subcontinents